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A Monthly Haven for Seniors in Our Community

In the San Diego Japanese American community lies a haven, where laughter echoes, stories are shared, and friendships blossom. Club Kiku, a once-a-month gathering designed exclusively for seniors, offers a respite from the routine and a chance to celebrate the golden years in style. There is no specific age requirement, only that “if you consider yourself a senior, you are a senior!”
Named after the Japanese chrysanthemum, symbolizing longevity and joy, Club Kiku embodies the spirit of vitality and camaraderie. Every third Wednesday of the month, seniors from diverse backgrounds gather in a social hall (at Pioneer Ocean View United Church of Christ in Clairemont), transforming it into a vibrant hub of activity and connection.

What sets Club Kiku apart is its diverse range of activities tailored to suit the varied interests of its participants. From gentle exercise sessions to lively group games, there is something for everyone. Each month there are different activities such as art & craft sessions, educational workshops, guest speakers on senior topics, and Japanese culture, ensuring that every visit is enriching and enjoyable.
But perhaps the most cherished aspect of Club Kiku is the sense of belonging it fosters. Here, age is merely a number, and everyone is warmly welcomed. Whether you are a seasoned attendee or a first-time visitor, you are sure to be greeted with smiles and meet new friends. Each gathering begins at 10:00 am and ends by 1:30 pm, however attendees are free to stay for all or part of the day. There is a “Koffee Klatch” time at the beginning and a delicious Asian-themed lunch at noon, so there is plenty of time for conversation.
For many seniors, Club Kiku is more than just a monthly gathering. It provides an invaluable opportunity to combat loneliness, forge new connections, and reignite passions long dormant. In a society that often overlooks the elderly, Club Kiku is a reminder to cherish and celebrate our elders. It is a safe place to find connection and community with a diverse group of people who would otherwise not meet.
Kiku Corporation (Kiku) and Pioneer Ocean View United Church of Christ (POVUCC) share a profound commitment to serving the Nikkei community with compassion and inclusivity. These two non-profit organizations have united in a common purpose of outreach and service. Together, they have launched two impactful programs: the expansion of Kiku Bento to the Clairemont area in October 2023 and the establishment of Club Kiku in March 2024. Through the dedication of volunteers and the active participation of attendees, these programs are making tangible, positive differences in the lives of seniors and the wider community they serve.

For more information or to RSVP to the next Club Kiku,
please contact Coreen Fujinami at or 858-414-2269.